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Hey, Jude! Hey, Jude: How I can stop driving like I’m at the Indy 500?

Hey, Jude: How I can stop driving like I’m at the Indy 500?

If you want to slow down and be more relaxed, driving the speed limit is one possibility. As you watch the cars go flying by while you keep your foot off the accelerator, emotions will be unavoidable. You will feel anger at being denied a great source of pleasure: going fast. At some point, you’ll also probably feel incredibly antsy, which indicates both fear and a lack of ease with what’s presenting itself right now. Sadness can also surface, as you have the opportunity to feel hidden hurts and losses or realize how far away you’ve been from yourself.

As you continue to trundle along and struggle with the temptation to race, repeat your goal to yourself (“I want to be more mellow”) and/or recognize the reality of the situation (“I can’t afford to get another ticket”). Keep easing your foot off the pedal, shiver like crazy, and sooner or later, you’ll rediscover the pleasure of the present. You’ll actually feel peaceful, take in the scenery, prevent yourself from doing something potentially dangerous, and experience the indisputable triumph of contradicting an old habit.

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