Negative Thinking

We all have rampant destructive thoughts that keep us from feeling joy, love, and peace. As children we expressed our emotions as they arose and then bounced back to our happy present selves. But as we grew up we received messages that emoting physically wasn’t acceptable. To compensate, we took on some very predictable but destructive attitudes — ways of thinking, speaking, and acting — which only perpetuate our sadness, anger, and fear.

When we couldn’t cry, we turned our sadness to feel bad about ourselves. When we felt anger we “should-ed” other people and situations and made them the problem. And when we felt fear but didn’t express it physically, our minds catapulted into the future, past, or resort to global conclusions causing chaos.

Negativity Can Be Replaced with Healthy Thoughts

Regardless of what kinds of destructive thoughts you’ve taken on about yourself, others, or time, there is a simple way to replace your unhealthy thinking with something that will serve you much better. When you eliminate your negative thinking, you will empty your mind from the constant interruption of bad thoughts that keep you feeling unhappy.

First, you need something constructive to focus on (Reliable Truths) that contradicts your old thinking. Second, you need a technique to internalize those new thoughts (Powering).

  • Here are a few Reliable truths to honor yourself and move from sadness to joy:

I am whole and complete.

Life is for learning. We all make mistakes.

My viewpoints and needs are as valid as yours.

I can do this.

  • Here are a couple of truths to accept people and situations and move from anger to love:

People and things are the way they are, not the way I want them to be.

Your viewpoints and needs are as important as mine.

  • Here are some truths to stay present and specific and move from fear to peace:

Everything is all right. Everything will be all right.

This feeling is temporary. This situation will pass.

One thing at a time.

I’ll handle the future in the future.

Powerful Positivity

Select a few truths that resonate and write them down. To power, pick a truth and repeat it over and over with an intention to really know its meaning. You can close your eyes or change the tone, tempo, emphasis, and speed. The key is not to pay attention to all the discounters. If emotions arise, express the emotional energy physically and keep repeating your truth.

There are tangible rewards when you really experience the meaning of what you are saying. Your mind becomes your friend rather than your enemy. You’ll definitely feel less sadness, anger, and fear and more joy, love, and peace, and you will experience increased self esteem & improved confidence. Your life will undergo a positive change – an Attitude Reconstruction.