Dealing with Loss

When people, places, or things you loved are no longer with you in the physical realm, it is human to feel heartbroken, devastated, or grief-stricken. However, many of us, don’t allow ourselves to feel the depth of the loss, to mourn, and to say “good-bye.” Typically there are 5 stages of grief. How we deal with each determines how effectively we can move on with our lives.

Whether we deny, silently endure, or openly express the depth of our grief, the pain will not go away for a while. With the loss of a loved one, or some aspect of our world that we cherish, life’s colors fade into monochrome. We lose interest in everything, our motivation, a sense of belonging, or go flatly through the motions of everyday living.

Until we address the emotions we are experiencing, the pain and accompanying feelings will not go away. There is incredible sadness so we must allow ourselves to cry out the depth of our grief, even if it upsets others because tears acknowledge our loss. There is fear about what the future holds with this huge void in our lives, so we need to express the fear physically. And we can feel anger because it doesn’t seem fair something so good is now over and we can no longer have what we want.

You Can Gain Back Your Joy, Peace & Ability to Love

The price we pay is a loss of joy, inability to feel love, and lack of peace. Our own sense of safety feels compromised. Luckily, according to Attitude Reconstruction, there is a way to move through your loss so you can regain and replenish your emotional health, and enjoy living once again.

The operative word for befriending losses is to say good-bye and then to cry, so you acknowledge the ending. And while crying, you can talk about cherished memories, wonderful qualities, and the depth of your love, along with repeating the dreaded “G” word – GOODBYE.

Seek Support from Others as You Cope with Loss

This is also a time to reach out to others for company and find support. Find where you can safely take the time you need to process the sadness, anger, and fear associated with your loss so you can truly move on.

As you do, you will realize that change and mourning is a normal human process. Your sadness will gradually be replaced by a sense of sweetness as you say good-bye. Sooner than you can imagine you will be ready to say hello to the present, re-engage, and open your heart again. Our Attitude Reconstruction guidance can help you through this process.