Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You’re rolling along, and then all of a sudden that familiar feeling returns. There is a knot in your gut, your heart rate jumps, you can’t breathe, and your muscles tighten. You feel like you’ll die. Panic sets in. It doesn’t matter what triggers you: thoughts about an upcoming surgery, a job interview, pressure at work, or being around someone with a temper. Your survival feels threatened. You’re in a state of fight, flight, or freeze. You feel frantic and numb. All thinking stops and confusion and indecision descend.

What’s going on? You’re experiencing a ton of fear and it feels like nothing will stop it. Typically you handle this feeling by tightening up, taking a pill, or writing it off as unavoidable.

Let This Anxiety Energy Out

There is hope. Fear is a pure sensation in the body. And so shivering, like a body in shock after an auto accident, is the most natural and efficient method to quickly release fear physiology. Keep taking full, deep breaths to regulate your breathing and acknowledge what you’re feeling, “I’m just feeling fear. It’s okay.” Rather than holding it in, let the fear energy out by trembling, shuddering, quivering, and shivering. At the same time, interrupt those thoughts that convince you that this will never end. Rigorously tell yourself:

  • Everything is all right.
  • This feeling is temporary. This will pass.
  • Everything will be all right.

Anxiety and panic attacks are more frequent in people who have a fear constitution (rather than a sadness or anger constitution). So in addition to shivering and keeping thoughts constructive, don’t miss meals. Eat high-protein foods, such as nuts, meats, and grains. And go light on caffeine, energy drinks, and sugars because they only fuel fear physiology.

Peace, Presence & Flexibility

You will get the upper hand over panic attacks and anxiety by going with the emotional energy rather than suppressing it, breathing fully, and holding fast to the reality that this feeling is temporary. After the energy has passed, you will be able to consult your inner wisdom and pinpoint what actions will resolve what’s in front of you. If you just allow your body to do its thing, you’ll confidently handle whatever shows up in your life with peace, presence and flexibility. That is your successful Attitude Reconstruction – a new path to a peaceful life.