Emotional Health

Attitude Reconstruction is based on one simple fact: all our problems, all our bad attitudes are caused by unexpressed sadness, anger, and fear. I’ve discovered that emotions are nothing but pure physical sensations in the body. (Think about it… EMOTION is really E + MOTION, that is, “energy in motion”) If we release the emotional energy by sobbing, stomping, and shivering, we can create more joy, love, and peace in less than five minutes.

So we have a choice. Continue in complacency and revert to bad habits by doing things that perpetuate feeling sadness, anger, and fear or choose to do something new. If you know very clearly what to do instead, you can make the changes you truly desire. You will feel better, happier, more whole as you regain your emotional health.

It’s Human to Feel These Emotions

Getting the upper hand over what’s not working in your life is possible and not difficult. It doesn’t matter if you feel anxious, angry, worried, just lost a loved one, or have trouble with your parents. Maybe you feel unhappy, have low self-esteem, or struggle with an addiction, whether it’s sugar, cigarettes, porn, or biting your fingernails.

You can identify what is not working and learn how to use your five tools to create the life you desire. In the process, you’ll also attain the mental and emotional stability needed for health and well being.

  • Give yourself permission to express your emotions physically and constructively. Unexpressed emotions are the glue keeping you stuck, so remember that emoting is what children and animals naturally do when they feel sadness, anger, or fear. They express their emotions spontaneously and move back to the present. You can do the same.

  • Relentlessly and systematically change your thinking. To make a change you need to align your thoughts with reality so they support your success.

  • Listen to your intuition (and obey its wisdom) because it’s all that you know for sure.

  • Learn the four rules of good communication so you can step out of your bad attitudes by speaking up simply, lovingly, and effectively in any situation.

  • Discover the step by step process to address any old or current unfinished business (what I call “stuck situations”) or change any old habit, regardless if it’s an attitude or addiction.

Each time you use one of these tools and contradict what is not working in your life, you will experience a “divine shift,” meaning, you can’t help but feel a shot of the emotions of joy, love, and peace. This is your Attitude Reconstruction in motion. Not only will you feel better, with every little victory, every positive step on the road to emotional health, your change will affect those around you in a wonderful, more authentic way.