“Jude Bijou shows us how we can transform feelings of sadness, anger, and fear into joy, love, and peace. Attitude Reconstruction really works.”

—John Gray, PhD. Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, and many other bestselling books.

“Jude Bijou has given the most practical direction to deal with our emotions in her book, Attitude Reconstruction. Her teaching beautifully integrates eastern Vedic thoughts and the western approaches in order to heal the emotions in our daily life. Jude Bijou gives direct, applied ways to transform emotions into right understanding and love, in order to bring self-healing.”

—Dr. Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc., Ayurvedic physician, scholar, founder and director of the Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and author of Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing and Textbook of Ayurveda

“Jude Bijou’s wonderful book is a beautifully written guide to transforming your life from the inside out. Her playful spirit makes the journey exciting, thought provoking, and, most of all, highly useful and effective.”

—Robert Maurer, Ph.D., faculty, UCLA School of Medicine, and author of One Small Step Can Change Your Life

“To all parents who find themselves repeating the same dysfunctional, emotional tirades over and over again: read this book. Attitude Reconstruction is a guidebook to getting out of the swamp of toxic emotions. Jude Bijou offers readers a way to interact clearly and effectively, and respond to daily challenges with a calm and happy heart.”

—Dr. Sharon Maxwell, clinical psychologist, and author of What Your Kids Need to Hear from You about Sex

Attitude Reconstruction is a practical book filled with powerful methods that can help you through any problem or emotional upset. Jude is a rare psychotherapist who is both highly caring and clear in presenting what really works and why. I have found her guidance helpful in my therapy practice as well as with handling issues in my own life.”

—Jonathan Robinson, M.F.T., author of several bestsellers, including Communication Miracles for Couples and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Awakening Your Spirituality

“This work should be required reading for everyone, whether professional or personal. If we all knew how to manage ourselves using Attitude Reconstruction, we would live in a peaceful world free from judgment. Both medicine and psychology would be greatly enhanced by taking another look at what people really want, which is not to be labeled, but guided toward self-help and insight, resulting in a life with more meaning and wholeness. Therein is the contribution which Jude Bijou has made with the stroke of her pen and twenty years of inquiry.”

—Linda W. Peterson, Ph.D., professor emerita, University of Nevada Medical School, marriage and family therapist, diplomat in forensic counseling

“Applying Jude Bijou’s proven techniques, we can all reconstruct our attitudes so that we consistently behave as the people we most desire to be—joyful, peaceful, and full of love. This is the guidebook for ensuring a happy life.”

—Jan C. Hill, international leadership and teamwork consultant to Fortune 500 companies, certified coach, and coauthor with Vanessa Weaver of Smart Women, Smart Moves