What do the Olympians do for you?

You’d think with all the media coverage, there shouldn’t be much left to say about the upcoming Olympics. But it’s the story behind the story that captures me the most.

As we’ve entered another Olympics, another celebration of human potential on the physical, mental and emotional planes, here’s where my mind goes:

When I hear and see how much preparation each athlete has put in to become an Olympian, it re-enforces the value of having a goal. I witness how their burning desire motivates them to be their best whether it be in the winter or summer.

I see how much perseverance they have. All those folks. Their minds must be fully in the present moment, no matter the score or opponent. One thought of giving up, and it’s toast!

They’ve developed incredible focus. I marvel at the USA gold medalist shooter gal, who hit 99 out of 100 targets flying from different directions. The skateboarder, skiers, figure skaters.

The teamwork! To luge. To win a long distance race.

It takes sacrifice to practice day in and day out to become the best in their field. Not too much partying, drinking, or staying out late. Regardless of how they feel or what they think, they have to show up every day.

I see how beautiful athletes look because they’re in such amazing physical condition. Those glowing faces. Those bodies. Those lean legs. No jiggling fat.

And behind virtually every one of them is a cast of characters who support and encourage them – coaches, family members, doctors and other health care professionals, communities. And yes, corporate sponsors. So even if you are a skater, it’s not just you trekking out there.

My point is: Attitude is everything! As you watch these Olympians, what do you think about yourself? Do you put yourself down? Do you feel inspired to take that passion into your own life? Or ???