CONSULTING: Jude offers customized individual and group consultation sessions. She’s available to deliver long lasting solutions to many contemporary challenges including personal relationship issues, community disputes, and corporate diversity considerations.

LECTURES: Jude is a sought after lecturer engaging groups large and small on limitless topics such as communication; dealing with sadness, anger and fear; transforming thoughts; family dynamics; goals and life purpose; overeating; parenting issues; stress relief; dealing with loss; and workplace conflict.

WORKSHOPS: Interactive, powerful and informative, Jude’s workshops can be customized from two hours to four days. Using hand’s on demonstrations, customized exercises and Q&A’s, workshops are available on subjects such as:

  • How to Communicate Simply, Lovingly, and Effectively
  • How to Get the Upper Hand Over Your Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, and Life
  • How to Rewire Your Thinking for Greatness

TRAININGS: Learn the unique and transformative tools of Attitude Reconstruction to use with clients, fellow practitioners, and yourself. These sessions are geared to the therapist, health care professional, or lay-person wishing to deepen their understanding and experience of the power of Attitude Reconstruction, emotions, and assisting others in creating lasting positive change.

EXPERT: As an engaging, on-camera expert, Jude Bijou is ready to offer wisdom, perspective, or advice on any timely topic for your media outlet. She’s been featured in national publications and radio programs and frequently fields media questions on all subjects related to health, wellness, happiness, and general consumer interests.

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