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Attitude Reconstruction fits into your daily routine regardless of spiritual path, cultural background, age, or education. With practical tools, real-life examples, and everyday solutions for 33 destructive attitudes, you’ll soon stop settling for sadness, anger, and fear, and infuse your life with joy, love, and peace.
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Keys to a Good Life

Jude is pleased to be a contributing author to this just published handbook of wisdom that reminds all of us that we have the power within to create the life of our dreams. It can be ordered through your local independent bookstore or use the button below.
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Jude Bijou on TV's The List

Jude on TV’s “The List”

We all want to lead a more balanced and full life. So where do we start? Donna Ruko talks with award-winning psychotherapist and author Jude Bijou, and learns that Taylor Swift may be on to something! Jude’s theory of Attitude Reconstruction.®
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Jude Bijou speaking at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

S.B. Cottage Hospital Grand Rounds

Jude Bijou speaking at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
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Your Self-Improvement & Personal Development

What is Between You and the Joy, Love & Peace You Desire?

  • Do feel worried, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed?
  • Are you plagued by guilt, shame, or low self-esteem?
  • Do you wish you had easy tools to handle any situation?
  • Would you like to feel confident in your communications?
  • Do you have trouble trusting your intuition?
  • Would you like to feel more focused, efficient, and productive?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you are in the right place!

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Personal Growth is Easier than You Can Imagine

Personal development and growth doesn’t have to feel like an endless uphill climb. With Attitude Reconstruction you will find simple, practical tools to create the life you’ve always desired but were never taught. This approach pinpoints the “bad attitudes” that are creating unhappiness, and gently suggests changes that are easy to implement, and intuitively make perfect sense.

You can learn a new language of your own, one focused on the words Joy, Love, and Peace. The result will be undeniable personal growth far beyond the suggestions of any self-help manual. Reboot your life in a way that sparks immediate positive improvement, and in time, the longevity of a stable and centered mindset that will inspire you to reach for, and attain, your true happiness.

You Can Do a Self-Improvement Makeover Starting Right Now

Let’s start this together. Put what’s not working behind you, and move forward with me. I know where you want to be, and am skilled and experienced on how to expedite the travel time to your new destination. You’ve been waiting for a quick, effective strategy to achieve the life of your dreams. And that’s what I’ve created.

Attitude ReconstructionI am the author and creator of Attitude Reconstruction, which offers both a blueprint of the mind and simple tools for joy, love, and peace. You might have had glimpses of a more fulfilled life, but I will give you the steps to quickly clarify what’s been missing and express what needs to be released.

I combined what I learned from my renowned psychologist father, elements of eastern meditation, and 30 years as a marriage and family therapist and discovered that unexpressed sadness, anger, and fear are the root cause of all our BAD attitudes!

Emotions are nothing but pure physical sensations and by getting them out of the body — by releasing that energy… through sobbing, stomping, and shivering… you’re guaranteed to create more joy, love and peace in less than 5 minutes. Together, we will shift those emotional burdens into a life changing reinvention of you, where self-help, improvement, development and growth come from within.

I invite you to take a tour of the website. Please feel free to ask a question, leave a comment, or buy the book.


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October 27th, 2018
One-Day Communication Class


Jude Bijou, Author
Jude Bijou is a licensed marriage and family therapist, educator, author, and speaker.  Meet Jude

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Attitude Reconstruction
2012 Benjamin Franklin Award
Winner in Self-Help
2012 ForeWord Reviews
Winner in Psychology
2012 ForeWord Reviews
Winner in Self-Help
2012 International Book Award
Winner in Health: Psychology/Mental Health
2012 Nautilus Silver Award
Winner in Personal Growth/Self Help/Psychology
2012 LA Festival of Books
Winner in How To

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