Focusing on “what ifs,” what might happen in the future, and feeling a need to control, are classic symptoms of worry. By rigidly entertaining worst-case scenarios, we’re sacrificing our health and well-being. It interferes with our ability to relish the moment and truly enjoy our lives.

Underneath worry is the emotion of fear. Unexpressed fear. And if we think about fear’s physiology, it is agitated. We experience this agitation not only physically, but also mentally as our minds are intimately connected to our bodies. Being worried all the time takes its toll.

What happens? We tighten up and obsess about things out of our control or yet to come. Our minds spin. We can’t experience the present moment nor do we feel calm and relaxed. We don’t trust we can handle what is presented. We lose sleep.

How to Stop Worrying About Everything

There are several things you can do to curtail worry:

    1. Shiver away your fear. Since the root of our worries is the emotion of fear, if we express the emotion physically and naturally, both our bodies and minds will calm down. Just think about a dog at the vet or someone in a state of shock. Their bodies shiver and tremble. While shivering, don’t think of all your worries. Just shiver, hard, fast and with abandon.

    3. Select two or three simple statements that contradict your destructive thinking and repeat them over and over, whenever you start to worry, while you are shivering, or anytime: Everything will be all right. I’ll handle the future in the future. Be here now. One thing at a time. I’ll do what I can, and the rest is out of my hands.

    5. Get into the now. When you notice you’re worrying, grab a few minutes to do something that gives you a break and brings you into the now. For instance, sit with what you’re experiencing in your body and befriend the internal sensations. Connect with your physical surroundings or senses. Throw water on your face. Do some jumping jacks.

    Obsessive Worry Can be Gone for Good

    As you surrender to attending to what is in your control right now, you will start to feel calmer, more content and worry less. You’ll be able to enjoy the present moment. Your continuous frustration and constant procrastination will disappear, and you will no longer have the feeling of being overwhelmed when your day begins. You’ll start to feel more trust and have faith you will handle whatever comes your way. This is your achievable progression to have healthy emotions. This is your Attitude Reconstruction!