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Published Articles

Publications on a wide variety of topics for a wide variety of folks…… Dream Vacation Magazine – February, 2019
“What to Read on Vacation: Attitude Reconstruction”
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Excellence Reporter – July 4th, 2018
“Jude Bijou: The Meaning of Life… Experiencing Joy, Love, and Peace”
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Psych Central – December 14th, 2016
“The Three Relationship Killers and How to Overcome Them”
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Boston Parents – September 9th, 2016
“Become a Master Communicator with Your Child by Following Four Simple Rules”
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Hollyhock Life – September 5th, 2016
“Giving Up All Hope”
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Hollyhock Life – August 16th, 2016
“13 Tips to keep you youthful and happy!”
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Govenrment Executive – August 10th, 2016
“Is an Employee’s Bad Attitude Getting in Your Way?”
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ZestNow – June 30th, 2016
“4 Ways to Overcome Your Impatience”
Read More – December 11th, 2015
“Unflappable Executives Remain Calm When Tempers Flare”
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Hollyhock Life – June 19th, 2015
“Joy, Love & Peace in Action”
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ZestNow – June 20th, 2015
“6 Attitudes That Create Happiness”
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Hollyhock Life – April 14th, 2015
“How to Handle Unsolicited Advice”
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Cupid’s Pulse – February 10th, 2015
“Relationship Advice: The 8 Best Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Gifts”
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Hitched Magazine – February 3rd, 2015
“Valentine’s Gifts That Don’t Cost a Penny”
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Expert Beacon – January 27th, 2015
“Express your love on Valentine’s Day without spending money”
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Elephant Journal – December 8th, 2014
“4 Ways Listening Improves Teamwork”
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Eat Live Life – December 8th, 2014
“9 Easy and practical Ways to Minimize Worry, Stress, and Burnout Over the Holidays”
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Inspiyr – December 5th, 2014
“5 Ways to Stick to Your Goals”
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SmallBizDaily – November 27, 2014
“5 Ways to Make Holidays Saner Year”
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Senior Care Authority- November 2014
“Nine Tips for a Sane Holiday
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The Globe and Mail – November 20th, 2014
“The Holidays Are Crazy, Here’s How to Survive”
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“10 Tips for Beating Holiday Stress” by Mary Gormandy White
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Hitched Magazine – November 2014
“7 Tips for a Saner Holiday”
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Expert Beacon October – 3rd, 2014
“Helpful Attitude Adjustments that Will Help You Stay Young”
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Tallahassee Democrat – September 23rd, 2014
“It’s risky to neglect the importance of self-care” by Kenya McCullum
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Tallahassee Democrat – September 23rd, 2014
“How to cope with a bad diagnosis” by Kenya McCullum
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Eat Live Life – September 22nd, 2014
“11 Ways to Live a Long, Awesome Life”
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Quill – September 8th, 2014
“5 Tips for Banishing Burnout from Your Medical Practice”
Read More – September 6th, 2014
“11 Ways To Live A Long & Happy Life”
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Chicago Tribune – August 12th, 2014
“Dealing with the Post-Wedding Blues” by Jenniffer Weigel
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Today’s Parent USA – August 12, 2014
“7 Techniques for Conquering Back-to-School Fear” by Jude Bijou
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Psychology Today – July 28, 2014
“One True Thing”  by Jennifer Haupt
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Care 2 (Online mag with 26 million followers)  – July 22, 2014
“6 Steps for Managing Fear and Anxiety”  by Alex A Kecskes
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Eat Live Life  (Online mag with huge reach) – June, 23, 2014
“How to Neutralize Destructive Thoughts Before They Can do You Harm”  by Jude Bijou
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Boston Parents – June 2014
How to Help Children Manage Emotions in a Healthy Way”  by Jude Bijou
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the Business Edge – May 30, 2014
“7 Ways to Improve your Mood at Work”  by Jude Bijou
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Amador Ledger Dispatch – June 12, 2014
“5 Things to give Dad on Father’s Day”  by Jude Bijou
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Huff Post Parents – February 19, 2014
“6 Annoying Things Your Children Do That Are Actually Good For Them” by Kristin Kemp
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The Toronto Sun – January 20, 2014
“Back-to-work blues: Tips for beating the post-holiday blahs”  by Joanne Richard
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Day Spa Magazine – January 14, 2014
“Heal Thyself”  by Sandra Lee
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“Rewiring Destructive Thinking: Affirmations vs Truths”
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Business to Community – January 6, 2014
“3 Things You Can Do to Leave your Personal Prison: Lessons Inspired by Mandela”
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Chicago Tribune – December 22, 2013
“Om for the holidays and last minute fixes”  by Jen Weigel
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The Londoner – December 19, 2013
“Advice to put more comfort and joy into your holiday”  by Jill Ellis-Worthington
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Zest Now – December 2013
“8 Tips to Increase Your Happiness this Holiday”
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San Diego Union Tribune – December 4, 2013
“How to feel better and get that promotion”  by Henry DeVries
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Atlanta Journal Constitution / – November 18, 2013
“Eight ways to improve your mood at work”  by Laura Raines
Read More – October 31, 2013
“How to Handle that Jerk at Work”
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US – October 30, 2013
“How to be Happy at Work”  by Miriam Salpeter
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Psych Central – October 21, 2013
“9 Small Ways to Have a Better Day at Work”
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Government Executive – October 8, 2013
“7 Ways to Improve Your Mood at Work”
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Expert Beacon – October, 2013
“Don’t Despair: Restore Hope for those Suffering from Depression”
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The Office Professional – Oct 2, 2013
“Three Ways to Make Any Day Happier”
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Complete Wellbeing – October 2, 2013
“A Crying Need”
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Upstart Business Journal – August 26, 2013
“What Breaking Bad Teaches Entrepreneurs”
Read More – August 9, 2013
“3 Business lessons “Lovelace” can teach women”
Read More – August 8, 2013
“Are Emotions Derailing your Business Success? 7 Anger Management Strategies”
Read More – July 29, 2013
“6 Quick & Simple Techniques to Melt Away Stress”
Read More – July 30, 2013
“How Stress on the job? Here are 5 ways to Neutralize it”
Read More – July 2, 2013
“7 Ways to Create More Joy in Your Life”
Read More – March 2013
“Break Your Procrastination Habit in 9 Easy Steps”
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Personal Excellence – June 2013
“Get Unstuck”
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Smartbrief – May 27, 2013
5 Ways to deal with Procrastination
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Baltimore Sun – June 11, 2013
“Co-parenting on Father’s Day” by Jen Weigel
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USA Today Online – May 26, 2013
“On the Job: Learn how to avoid procrastination” by Anita Bruzzese
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National Education Association (Member Benefits Newsletter) – June 2013
“Best These 8 Common Bad Habits”
Read More – May 12, 2013
“8 healthy ways to cope with your emotions ” by Julie Relevant
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Business 2 Community – April 2013
“When Your Love Partner is Your Work Partner – 9 Coping Strategies”
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MindBodyGreen – May 2013
“5 Essential Tips to Live a Frustration-Free Life”
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Livingston Parent Journal – May 2013
“Be a Good Loser”
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Yahoo Small Business Advisor – April 2013
” 7 Tips for Getting “Unstuck” At Work”
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VividLife –  April 2013
“6 Ways to Teach a Child to be a Good Loser”
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Today’s Parent – October 2012
“11 Healthy Ways to Deal With Parenting Anger”
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Smart Meetings – March 2013
Attitude Adjustment:  by Nikki Gloudeman
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Pick the Brain – March 19, 2013
“8-Steps to Breaking Your Procrastination Habit”
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Investor’s Business Daily – March 2013 
“Buoyant Words Keep Career Boats Afloat; Be Optimistic”  by Sonja Carberry 
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American Management Association International – March 2013 e-newsletter
“Stop Procrastinating – Now “
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Smart Meeting – March 2013
For event and meeting planners. Article on keeping a positive attitude.  
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Sales and Service Excellence  — March 2013
“Stop Procrastinating – Be much more productive at work”
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MindBodyGreen  – March 2013
“Yes, Even You Can Chill Out and Combat Fear” 
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Happy Schools Blog – February 18, 2013
Jude’s article on procrastination targets students.
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Jude’s Article “10 Steps to Stop Procrastinating and be more Productive at Work” was a huge hit in January. It was posted on the tech republic blog and blew my website stats sky high. Clearly, procrastination is an issue that plagues most all of us, not just the worlds of government and business.
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The procrastination article was also picked up by Government Executive, EHSToday (An on-line resource for occupational safety and health, regulatory, environmental management and risk management information), the Michigan CPAs, business know how, young upstarts, American building today, and the office professional.

To top it off, Brian O’Connell spun it and it made “TheStreet” on January 30, 2013.
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Lindsay Cross wrote the following article for “Family Therapist Tells Mommyish That Parents Should Throw Their Own Temper Tantrums To Deal With Anger“.
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Nurse Connect
And on January 25, 2013 Nurse Connect ran this article called “Are you Suffering from Compassion Fatigue?
Read More – January 2013
Things to Do for Kids When They Are Angry:  by Karen Lobello
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So Florida Parenting – January 2013
11 Healthy Ways to Deal With Parenting Anger
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Things to Do for Kids When They Are Angry – January 8, 2013
Tips to help your little one deal with big emotions
Read More – December 18, 2012
Interview: Psychotherapist Jude Bijou on the “OK Room” Solution for Out-Of-Control Anger
Read More – December 12, 2012
6 Ways to Handle Holiday Controllers
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BlogCritics Books — November 8, 2012
Book Review – Attitude Reconstruction 
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El Nuevo Herald –  Miami, Florida — November 6, 2012
Protect Your Children from Your Anger
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Government Executive, in the Management Matters column 
Reining in Rage:  by Elizabeth Newell – October 10, 2012
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Charlotte Parent
11 Healthy ways for parents to deal with AngerOctober 2012
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Family Goes Strong (online) – Oct 21, 2012
Should you Make a Kids Chore List?
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Heal My – July 27, 2012
What Aurora, Colorado Needs to Know After the Shooting
5 Steps to Deal With Loss
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Santa Barbara Independent – September 24, 2011
It’s Okay to Be Angry: by Kamilla Plambeck

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Better Homes and Gardens Magazine – January 2012
A Family Affair: by Kathy Barnes

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The Association for Women in Communication – Feb 27, 2012
Santa Barbara Chapter

Read More

Reediana, The Reed College Magazine – March 2012
Reed Briefs

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805 Living – November 2011
Cop a New Attitude

Read More

Santa Barbara Magazine – December 2011
Hot List

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Montecito Journal – December 29, 2011
Montecito Miscellany: by Richard Mineards

Read More

Westlake Magazine.Com – Mar 2012
Four Rules & Violations for Effective Communication

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