Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelm is what happens when we have too many responsibilities to do or too many topics to address and not enough time. It’s easy to lump everything together. Typically, we leap from specifics that need attention to global generalities. We launch into exaggerations and drama. Small things become earth-shattering and nearly impossible to do. We feel like we’re in a pressure cooker.

What is the price we pay? We lose perspective. It’s difficult to enjoy the journey or present moment when entertaining thoughts about all there is to do in the future. We lose efficiency. And because our minds are racing, we can’t hear what other people are saying and lose personal connection.

And what emotion drives the feeling of overwhelm? Fear. And what emotion eludes us? Peace.

…And How to STOP Feeling Overwhelmed

To get the upper hand on overwhelm, you must move fear energy out of your body by shivering, shaking, trembling, and quivering with vigor. Think of a dog at the vet or a person addressing an audience of 5000. Though it sounds silly, you’ll restore calm and clarity by shivering and reminding yourself, “It’s okay. I just need to move this energy out of my body.

Support yourself by picking one or two phrases that resonate and say them often, especially when you start getting agitated and stressed.

  • Think small.
  • Stay specific.
  • One thing at a time.
  • Little steps.
  • Little by little.

From this more present and relaxed space, make a list of issues, topics, and projects needing attention, being concrete and realistic about what each entails. Cut each one into chewable pieces. Order your priorities, develop a detailed plan, and break down the mountain of responsibilities into doable steps. Focus on and do only one thing at a time, shivering when you feel stuck, renegotiating what’s not possible, and delegating as necessary.

One Peaceful Step at a Time

Praise yourself lavishly as you complete each little step and then attend to what’s next.

Little steps are the key to heading off overwhelm and taking charge of your life. When you think in specifics and deal with concrete issues, you’ll feel calmer, get more done, enjoy what you’re doing. With your new motto, “little by little” you can truly accomplish almost anything with a clear and peaceful mind.

Attitude Reconstruction is a successful approach to creating a better ‘you’, without persistant anger, constant worry, ongoing fear and other detriments. It is you overcoming that overwhelmed feeling forever.