What if I told you a new new diet called the “It’s Not About the Food” is gaining popularity and causing significant numbers of women to shed pounds along with old habits and excess baggage? I bet you’d at least give it a second glance, and perhaps even investigate further.

Well, save yourself from fad diets that don’t work and just buy the Attitude Reconstruction book! Getting control over our eating is not rocket science. It’s not about counting carbs, reducing calories, eating celery, or drinking a gallon of water. Regular over-eating, and therefore weight gain, is all about not dealing with our emotions, most especially fear. We’re looking for comfort and to fill what I call our “black hole of unworthiness.”

Attitude Reconstruction recognizes that unexpressed sadness, anger, and fear keep us stuck in destructive habits and keep waistlines expanding. We want to fill some emptiness, mask our anger, or appease our fear. We’re not present, and we’re not relaxed. So instead of speaking up, we head to the candy stash. If a partner says something hurtful, we head for greasy potato chips. If we’re stressed at school or work, those second helpings help us feel relaxed.

The Attitude Reconstruction diet prescription does involve physical exertion to help fix the problem, just not in the way we’re used to. Emotions are just pure physical sensations, and if we express them physically when they arise or at our earliest convenience by crying out the sadness, pounding out the anger, and shivering out the fear with abandon, then we make conscious choices about what to eat, rather than automatically going to comfort foods.

Think it’s a mind trick or a temporary fix?  Then try it– just for one day– emote, then eat. See what happens, and then tell us about your experience at:  Facebook



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