Fear is the most predominant emotion people experience. And that fear can show up as stress, feeling there’s too much to do and too much pressure. It manifest as a need to control.

Stress defines our culture today. We’re trying to juggle too many things–and sacrificing our health and well-being in the process. All of the feelings of overwhelm are interfering with our ability to truly relish the moment and enjoy our lives. We’re being ruled by fear and it’s not fun!

How to Relieve Stress

Here are some strategies to quickly dissolve fear-based stress in your life.

• Shiver away your fear.

    1. Fear is an emotion, so move the physical energy out of your body, like a dog at the vet or a leaf on a tree. Be wild and shake it out, all through your body. While shivering, don’t think of all you have to do. Just repeat these three simple statements over and over: “It’s okay,” “Everything will be all right,” and “One step at a time.”


• Make a detailed task list.

    1. Writing down a list of to-dos is a good way to break a big problem or all you have to do down into smaller, easier tasks. Make a list of what needs to be done and attend to one thing at a time. Remind yourself “One thing at a time.”


• Don’t “pile up” your worries.

    1. Don’t entertain thoughts about everything at once. Focus on one concern, and attend to that.


• Don’t go it alone.

    1. Delegate. Ask family members, friends, or coworkers to help. Be willing to ask for help so you can attend to what you need to do.


• Be gentle with yourself.

    1. Interrupt all critical thoughts about what you didn’t do well and what you haven’t attended to. Instead lavish yourself with appreciations and repeatedly remind yourself that you are doing the best you can or you did the best you could at the time.


• Get into the now.

  1. When you feel stressed, do something that gives you a short break and brings you into the now. Close your eyes and focus on taking some deep breaths. Shiver! Throw water on your face. Do some jumping jacks. Walk around the block. Or take a 15-minute nap.

Finally – Stress Relief

If you practice any one of these stress-reduction and stress management strategies, you will notice a shift towards ease. Do several, or do them all, and you will find yourself feeling more content, more calm, and better able to get the upper hand over your responsibilities. There is a peaceful destination with your New Attitude Reconstruction – and you can reach it.