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Attitude Reconstruction Paperback:

Paperback: Attitude Reconstruction = $16.95

Multi-award winning Attitude Reconstruction combines contemporary psychology and ancient spiritual wisdom to provide a revolutionary theory of human behavior that will help you create the life you desire. This comprehensive blueprint will teach you to:

  • Identify and navigate the six primary emotions;
  • Replace destructive thoughts with reliable truths;
  • Access your deepest intuition;
  • Communicate lovingly and effectively;
  • Overcome harmful habits through step-by-step action.

These concepts can be easily understood and integrated into your daily routine, regardless of your spiritual path, cultural background, age, or education. With practical tools, real-life examples, and everyday solutions for thirty-three destructive attitudes, Attitude Reconstruction can help you stop settling for sadness, anger, and fear, and infuse your life with love, peace, and joy.



Attitude Reconstruction eBook:

eBOOK: Attitude Reconstruction = $9.99

33 Bad Attitudes and What You Can Do with Them

“33 Bad Attitudes and What You Can Do with Them” is an eBook that gives you an overview of Attitude Reconstruction and then offers practical ways to work with 33 of our most common bad attitudes.”

33 Bad Attitudes and What You Can Do with Them

eBOOK: 33 Bad Attitudes and What You Can Do with Them” = $2.99


Laminated Official Blueprint

A laminated 12 x 18 inch full-color official blueprint perfect as a placemat for the breakfast table, a wall hanging, or mounted anywhere for quick reference that provides instant illumination and suggestions for change.

Blueprint Poster

Poster: Laminated Official Blueprint = $12.00