What People Say about the Book


–Kelly B.
I am so impressed with Attitude Reconstruction. It is obvious this author put her heart and soul into this amazing work. What I love the most about this book is how practical and applicable it is. Anyone could benefit greatly from the suggestions and ideas in this book. I’ve had some revelations from reading this. I completely understand some things that I didn’t before. I saw myself in some of her descriptions of attitudes and behaviors and how they come to be, and I found that to be a real eye opener. Another great attribute of this book is how very thorough it is and I loved the authors friendly, upbeat style of writing. This book not only covers the range of emotions and behaviors and how to best deal with them, but also addictive habits, getting “unstuck” and some really helpful information on goals and accomplishing them with ease, it truly covers it all. Attitude Reconstruction is an impressive reference tool that includes an amazing Blueprint that quickly helps to identify negative attitudes and their opposites. My favorite part though is the “Quick Charts to Remodel 33 Attitudes” which gives you the tools to quickly move out of your negative emotional state, and get back to the Ultimate Attitudes of Joy, Love and Peace. Thank you to the author for writing such an outstanding book!

–Wendy G.
As one reviewer commented this is an everyday book. I was amazed at the revelations revealed with just a quick browse through. Practical and informative.

–Mary B.
Jude Bijou, in Attitude Reconstruction, encourages us to give ourselves permission to feel our emotions and release them in a positive way, to help us to greater happiness. Since practicing the ideas in the book, I’ve been able to get back to my creativity and am improving my communication. Thank you Jude for compiling and expanding on all this wisdom!

The book is one of my ‘bibles’.

–Nancy & John F.
I just bought the revised version of Jude Bijou’s Attitude Reconstruction. It has become one of those books I use everyday to shift my mind when it spins into any sort of dark place. It has truly been an amazing, easy to use tool to successfully navigate through my loss of loved ones, professional fears or worries, and any emotion that becomes overwhelming. In two minutes I can find the exact words I need to shift into a more peaceful, accepting mind, or find a laugh in my heart. I absolutely love this book. it is a must have for any one who wants more joy and ease in their life.

–Carol L.
I learned something new just reading inside cover. Her linking of Sadness, Anger, and Fear with the opposites of Love, Joy, and Peace makes perfect, simple sense and gives hope and easy to follow guidance. Whether you are looking for more joy or are wanting to dissolve sadness this book guides you with a well constructed theoretical framework and sparkling examples for action. She encourages substituting new thoughts for old. I admire the readable and clear way she pares concepts down so the understanding flows easily. You can target your reading to specific emotions or read cover to cover. I am a clinical psychologist and author. I will be recommending this to clients. Enjoy it. It works.

–Ann B.
I just finished reading your book. It’s terrific…a book I would want every I know to read!

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that is more complimentary with my work! I love how you help people understand and appreciate the emotional body and offer ways to live a fuller, more comfortable life. As you can imagine, working with the body as I do, it is so important to include the personal history, feelings, and behavioral choices of each individual. I have been searching for a book to help with this…and here it is!

–Jennifer F.
Jude Bijou has captured the essence of psychological growth in her extremely practical and life affirming book.
This is a gift for anyone wanting to make great strides in their life.

Lisa H.
I very much love this book and the emotion Chart is so handy and easy to get and use that I can go there as a daily guide for centering myself with the emotion that I am most attracted to so I can keep my goal of JOY on track.
Thanks Jude for taking so many important points and making them available for everyone on this book, a real self-healing guiding hand.
I recommend to anyone who wants to have a more fulfilled and happier life!

–Emily W.
I heard you speak at the Women’s festival in Santa Barbara. I took home a copy of your Attitude Blueprint and have been really astonished at the accuracy of it. Thank you so much for putting it together. I always try to live my live in positivity, but seeing it all laid out like this is amazing.

–Janet B.
My goodness… no wonder your book took 21 years to write. I haven’t put it down as I have tried to read it slowly as much thought provoking information is presented… I am definitely going to take many insights and suggestions to heart… I am not experienced at “emoting” but will give it a try. The layout of the book is outstanding… Jude blue cover, terrific crumpled paper visual, blank pages in the back for notes and the blueprint is easy to understand… Kudos.

–Dr. Emily S.
I have been reading your book – it’s exceptional!

–Alison MFT
Bob, Tom and I have been reading sections from your book – we have it beside the breakfast table, along with the laminated chart. Thank you for putting together so much great material; we are all finding parts that speak to us. And I am thinking about how your book can help clients of mine.

–Curtis Simpson
I am getting a lot from your blueprint where you diagram the emotion, focus, mental tendencies, feelings, words and actions. It gives me a practical mirror that really allows me to see myself. The diagram format makes a tremendous amount of information readily accessible. Thank you for all the effort and love you put into this and for sharing it. You have created a treasure and it will be a blessing to those who read and apply it.

I truly enjoyed reading your book. Your book really opened my mind as far as how I and others may think of and interpret things that occur in everyday life. I especially valued how the book laid out the varying emotional expressions, then broke down how these emotions (e.g. sadness) relate to certain feelings (e.g., insecurity), and then went in even further depth with certain words and actions that often accompany such feelings. That is, you offered concrete examples that people can easily relate with.

Furthermore, you offered positive words and actions that are incompatible with the destructive feelings. I found this layout to be easy to follow and to comprehend. I also really liked the worksheets that you provided in the book. These add ease in identifying and working through one’s own situations. The Attitude Reconstruction Blueprint is a clever way for individuals to easily identify each of the feelings that hinder their reaching happiness in their lives!

… Overall, I was really impressed with this book. I often find myself powering on many of the statements you offered. On a more personal note, and ironically, your book came to me at a time when I could have needed it most as my brother has been sick in the hospital for a little while now. He’s getting much better, but I found it very helpful to read your book during the earlier times when he was very ill.

So thank you … for the helpful insights your book has provided me. I have found it has helped me not only learn more about helpful aspects of counseling from a student perspective, but also about myself from a more personal, individual perspective.