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Attitude Reconstruction

An extensive national media campaign has just launched with C. S. Lewis Publicity.

To schedule an interview, request a review copy, or receive additional information, please contact or call 805-455-8257.


Cathy Lewis, C.S. Lewis Publicity,  email
Woodstock, New York


Mel Sellick, International Media. skype: mel.sellick


Christy Kelso, Publicist and Executive Assistant, Santa Barbara, California.


  • How To Stop Fear From Running Your Life
  • Four Ways To Deal With Your Boss’s Blame-Game
  • Getting The Upper Hand Over Anger In A High-Pressure Job
  • The Three Emotions Behind All Addictions
  • The Best Advice To Give Your Grad
  • Japan: Emotional Meltdown
  • Cure Your Kid’s Tantrums Faster Than You Can Imagine
  • There’s More Than Just Taking Care Of Your Body When You’re Sick
  • Three Ways To Handle Unsolicited Advice
  • How To Stop Making The Four Deadly Communication Mistakes
  • The Blueprint Of The Mind
  • Three Simple Ways To Make Mother’s Day Extraordinary
  • Why Some People Aren’t Moving on From 9/11
  • How To Deal With Your Anger In Less Than Five Minutes
  • Mel Gibson’s and Chris Brown’s Problem And How They Can Fix It
  • Five Agreements Before Letting Your Adult Child Move Back In
  • A New Approach To Obesity
  • How To Confidently Talk About Sensitive Topics
  • A Quiz To Identify Your Emotional Constitution
  • Increase Staff Morale In Five Minutes A Day
  • How To Get Out Of Denial About Your Emotions
  • Four Ways To Stop Hating Yourself