33 Bad Attitudes… and What You Can Do With Them

33 Bad Attitudes... and What You Can Do With ThemThis ebook is your go-to guide for quick information when you’re strung out, pushed to the limits, or about to blow your lid and need help now! I’ve outlined 33 destructive attitudes and given you easy-to-read bullet points that will send you in the right direction to make the changes you desire. Discover how to handle such challenges as mourning a loss or forgiving someone you’ve been angry with for a long time. Learn how to shift a lingering dark mood and let go of guilt, worry, anxiety, defensiveness, or low self-esteem.

You can put any destructive attitude to the test. Chapter 1 focuses and dissects attitudes about yourself that are rooted in the emotion of sadness. They will help you come into your personal power, take charge of your life, and feel more joy. Chapter 2 addresses attitudes based in anger and how they’re affecting how you relate to other people and situations. You’ll get straightforward advice on achieving true acceptance and acting from a place of love. Chapter 3 is all about fear and attitudes that come from that agitation. You’ll explore how to peacefully live in the moment and responsibly enjoy whatever comes your way.

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