Sitting is the New Smoking?

I came across this article in the LA Times recently. It confirms what became clear to me years ago – sitting too much is terrible for thesitting body. And while the article covers most of the bases, it doesn’t address what I’ve also discovered: sitting and reading or writing is not only terrible for our buns, it’s a literal pain in the neck!

I used to wonder why my neck was causing me so much agony until I saw that not only was my head cranked forward for extended periods of time when I was writing, but that it was tilted off center. And what an incredibly hard habit to break that continues to be.

I bought an architect’s drafting table at least 25 years ago and write standing up. I also elevated my computer so I stood while writing Attitude Reconstruction. I no longer do the latter but still love and use my drafting table daily. When I’m on the computer, I am more mindful of whether my head is tilted and rotate it a bit. As well, I get up frequently, swivel my hips a few times, and walk around the house.

That crippling downward gaze of reading and writing has its parallel in some thing even worse. Wherever I go, I see young and old leaning forward as they use their phones, play their games, and watch whatever they watch. Yikes. There is body trouble on the horizon for most all of us, especially with our penchant for tiny screens and that urgency to connect electronically.

Don’t just sit there. Get up and move. And while you’re up, remember that according to Attitude Reconstruction moving the emotional energy out of your body will help. Shake & shiver, if you feel a little angst or stomp around if you’re feeling a little frustrated. Really, it works!

Read the article to figure out what you can do to save your future!


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