This past Friday (August 31) Dr. Oz devoted his afternoon program to peri-menopausal rage.”  The show was laid out in his usual format, starting with videos of a couple of women who really had uncontrollable explosive anger – reading the riot act to family members.

As well, he gathered a large group of women in the audience who had the same experience. They all agreed that their tirades felt great and justified in the moment, but that the aftermath of their outburst, the repercussions were awful — shame, regret, embarrassment, sadness.

Dr. Oz was joined by an “expert” on the topic, Marcy Holmes, a nurse practitioner and menopause clinician. They discussed how peri-menopausal rage affected millions of women, aged 35-55 in particular, and made the case that this phenomena was related to a change of hormones — as hormone levels go down, rage goes up.

After laying out the symptoms, to my amazement, they offered just 4 solutions: 1) medication (birth control pills and antidepressants), 2) progesterone cream, 3) quit caffeine, alcohol, sugar, cola and take a multi-vitamin that had plenty of Bs, D, and omega 3s, and 4) talk therapy to work on the deeper issues!!!!

I was shocked that they totally missed the boat. Women with this affliction need to learn what to do when the intense impulse to lash-out over seemingly nothing occurs — that is, they must run to a designated safe place and thrash old telephone books with a rubber hose, scream nonsense words into a pillow, stomp around, or do anything to physically and constructively move the energy out of the body until it’s truly gone.

While emoting, it is imperative to keep their thoughts generic, such as “I’m so pissed. I’m angry. I jut need to move this energy out of my body.” If they do this, in just a few minutes they will be back on the planet and so much damage will be averted.

Dr. Oz offered zero input about how to manage the rage (aka anger) so it wouldn’t be so destructive to others and themselves. Regardless of what, if any of his four suggestions that a woman decided to adopt, to break the cycle right now, they need to have a way to move the pure energy out of their bodies.

Of course, that’s right where Attitude Reconstruction comes in. Check out pages 52-56 in the book to read more about this method that is so simple and so effective.

Dr. Oz, Marcy Holmes, and every woman of the world affected by this curse need to know about this natural, practical way to expediently deal with their out of control emotions so we can all feel more joy, love, and peace.

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