Your Life After Trauma

In a rushed and hurried world, it’s a rare treasure to come across someone who takes the time to genuinely get to know you. Especially when that person is just interviewing you for a radio show.

I was a guest on Michele Rosenthal’s radio show —Your Life After Trauma, this last Wednesday. What a pleasure to deal with someone who is dedicated, enthusiastic, and well prepared. Not only did she provide information in advance for me to send out and to post on facebook and twitter, she actually read Attitude Reconstruction in its entirety! Along with calling my book FANTASTIC, writing a smoking hot review of it, and compiling great questions for me to discuss, she sailed to the top of my list of people I admire.

A trauma survivor herself, Michele offers both a depth of understanding and practical suggestions to cope with PTSD, all the fallout, and the steps to recovery. Our approaches are so compatible that I suggest if you are coping with trauma, you check out her website, buy the book, and most importantly, listen to our discussion.

Attitude Reconstruction is gaining a bit of attention these days, and I’m preparing for a talk in San Antonio next week.  At the American Electrolysis Association’s annual conference, I’ll be delivering techniques to “Uproot Old Attitudes. Welcome New Growth.” And although I’ve  presented Attitude Reconstruction to many organizations and groups, I took this occasion to create a new program that inspires and supports changing your attitude so you can expand your business and refresh yourself.

And while I know about attitudes, as I continue to finesse my talking points and accompanying PowerPoint, the words of Eagles’ drummer, guitarist, and singer Don Henley ring in my ear: “We take care of the details so the worst we can be is great.”

Christy, my friend, sounding board, and “executive assistant,” repeatedly marvels at the process of putting together such a well-orchestrated program as she patiently goes through the script with me so that it’s informative, doable, and fun.

We shall see how it’s received next week. I’m looking forward to another visit to San Antonio, meeting new folks, and sharing what’s so near and dear to my heart.

I’ll post an update after the conference, but until then, don’t forget to listen to the radio show and let me know what you think on Facebook.




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