The Ultimate Attitudes

(A short summary of the way things are… according to Attitude Reconstruction)

By now you’ve gotten the idea I like to distill things down to their most powerful essence. Recently, I was asked to write up a blurb about the Ultimate Attitudes – the three bottom lines that I believe bring enlightenment. Yes. Embody these three concepts and you will experience a life overflowing with joy, love and peace. And I just had to share it with you in today’s blog!

So here’s the deal: Humans only have six emotions — sadness, anger, fear; joy, love, peace.

Each emotion has four core attitudes or beliefs associated with it.

Those four attitudes synthesize down to ONE ultimate attitude.

So what is an ultimate attitude? Glad you asked. It’s the whole enchilada. In other words, it’s a universal truth that pervades all spiritual beliefs.

When all is said and done, I believe there are only three ultimate attitudes – one associated with joy, one with love, and the third with peace.

Using the simple tools Attitude Reconstruction offers, getting here becomes a dynamic and doable journey instead of an intense struggle. Each time we use our tools constructively, we get a hit of the true meaning of each ultimate attitude. And when they become fully integrated into our being, liberation and true happiness become a way of life.

The Three Ultimate Attitudes

Honor Yourself      =      Joy

Accept People and Situations    =    Love

Stay Present and Specific     =     Peace

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