A Feel Good Movie

Seeing a movie that moves you is rarity these days. In the quest to grab eyeballs by creating shock value, it’s a treat when something entirely different comes along.

A friend kept asking if I’d seen movie that she was recommending, “The Intouchables.” Truth be told it wasn’t much on my radar screen.

But after she’d gone to see it a second time and enjoyed it even more, I decided to take in an early show.

It was 5:00pm and the theatre was over half full, even though the movie had been playing for three weeks. Despite a less than appealing title and subtitles, the word was spreading.

Take a look at the trailer      http://www.fandango.com/movie-trailer/theintouchables-trailer/152913

I’m so glad I went! What a treat to see a film without blood, killing, and shady characters. Based on a true story, it’s about the life of a rich man who is paralyzed from neck to toes and a poor 20 something man from the other side of the tracks who is hired to attend to him. Devoid of pity and heavy moralizing, this movie zips right along full of amusing laughter, fabulous characters, and twists and turns.

Multi-award winning at Cannes, beautifully shot, and a great boost to raise even the funkiest spirits, I recommend this movie. I give a movie extra bonus points when I find myself replaying some moment of the film and smiling aloud the next day.

Look for it at your alternative movie house and you won’t be disappointed.

And if you’re not a movie-goer, you can get some feel good vibes on your TV set. I must confess that currently one of my favorite television shows is “Secret Millionaire.” On one hand it is just another scripted reality show, but it’s heart-warming to see people’s goodness. It’s a reminder that one person truly can change the world.

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