Nora and Shake Shake Shake

I can’t write today’s blog without mentioning the passing of a woman legend of our time – Nora Ephron. Nora produced some fab movies, such as “You’ve got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle” “Julie and Julia” and was the author of many books. She was a strong and clear voice for women for the last 40+ years. As the tributes pour in, it’s obvious what she was – the cool aunt everyone wished they had. Her contributions were many and her legend will rightfully grow.

Switching gears a bit, I was delighted to get this YouTube video from my brother Bob.

The Sonic Drive-In burger chain has an advertising campaign with two guys chatting about life while sitting in their car and eating, pulled up to a Sonic Drive-In. They’re quirky and pretty darn funny.

Back story:  a couple months ago, I created a video demonstration of me and two gals shaking and shivering – that is, naturally moving fear out of our bodies by trembling and quivering. (I haven’t posted mine yet but it’s floating out there maybe on vimeo).

Well, the Sonic guys get thousands of YouTube hits. What they did in this particular ad is a walking (or sitting) advertisement for Attitude Reconstruction and dealing with fear.

According to Attitude Reconstruction, emotions are nothing but pure energy in our bodies. And if we move the sadness, anger, and fear energy out (in a physical and constructive way), by crying, stomping or shivering like a dog at the vet, we spontaneously think, speak, and act in healthier ways.

And this fear stuff, this shivering, quivering, trembling, up to spine, out the limbs, hamming it up– is the most effective prescription for our stressful lives. Shiver off a snide remark, before a job interview, when overwhelmed, or when you can’t sleep.

You can get the idea if you watch the Sonic guys. I’m going to take some lessons from them. They have the spirit. And just maybe I’ll drive down to Ventura for some fries!

Give it a watch. Enjoy.

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