Multi-Lessons from Dr. Oz

I flipped on the TV yesterday (June 20, 2012) while cooking up a little Santa Barbara local produce, and there was Dr. Oz. He used to be the on-camera doctor/expert for Oprah back when she had her show, and the rest is history. In my opinion, this guy is really making a positive impact in North America!

Over this last half of year, I’ve been getting a taste of what it’s like to pitch the media and prepare for interviews and recordings, and I marvel at the production value of this show. They pack so much information into a one hour (44 minutes without commercials) program. So many guest experts, demonstrations, step-by-step explanations and product descriptions. And they do that everyday!

Today, I got lucky. Dr. Oz was highlighting alternative medicines – and in particular, the two that are nearest and dearest to my heart: Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

As I tuned in, a gal in a doctor’s lab coat was describing the upside and downside of each of the three body types or doshas according to Ayurvedic medicine – kapha, pitta, and vata. They selected three audience members, each representing a type. So as the doc was describing each one in detail, the women would chime in their agreement, along with the studio audience. (I think they’d given the audience a short quiz so everyone could determine their most dominant dosha.)

The expert (sorry I don’t know her name) then made 3 or 4 brief recommendations for each type, including which foods to avoid and which to favor, and type of daily routine, sleep, and exercise. She also made a recipe for each type and had them taste it, say it was tasty, etc.!!

Next up was a segment about acupuncture (inserting needles in 100 audience members for relaxation) just to prove it doesn’t hurt and does work. And finally, a Chinese Doctor had Dr. Oz taste three herbs for common problems – sleep, food/digestion, and something else.

I love Ayurvedic medicine and would suggest that anyone interested in learning more start with Dr. Vasant Lad’s classic book, Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing.

What struck me the most, however, is this show is laid out exactly how I’d choreograph a segment about the core of Attitude Reconstruction! My approach zestfully and informatively fits into a program like his. Why? Because the 3 emotions of sadness, anger, and fear correlate with the 3 doshas. I’ve also created a quiz people can easily take to determine their emotional constitution. I’ve nailed the up and down side of each type. And I offer simple, doable ways to transform sadness to joy, anger to love, and fear to peace!

Of course, there are limitless topics I could address. But this program was a light in the tunnel. I can start to see television– and me on television more clearly now. Praise the lord!

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