Priceless Birthday Gift from China

I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling kind of funky, with my head a bit like a log jam because the energy wasn’t flowing from my neck to my head.

It happens sometimes, like if I sleep in a weird position, revert to old patterns like squeezing my shoulders to my ears when on the computer or reading, or who knows what. But when it happens, I’m left feeling dull and flat.

This year I treated myself to an acupuncture appointment on the day of my birth. I talked to the skilled and compassionate Chinese doc, relaying all my symptoms. Patiently listening, he proceeded to put more needles in my scalp, on my face, and in my neck than I’ve ever experienced before. (I must say, I do like that sweet pain when he hits the desired point and channel.) Each point felt like a bulls-eye.

Twenty minutes later, as I walked out to pay and make another appointment, I felt like a fine tuned Mercedes. I could see out of my eyes. I felt happy. I felt free.

What amazing gifts the east offers us here in the west.

My visit set the stage for a lovely drive up to the Santa Ynez valley with a couple of dear friends, where we shared perfect weather, a delicious Italian meal, and each other’s stellar company.

Giving myself this gift from the east allowed me to fully enjoy the day. Do you listen to the large and small messages your body is sending? What happens when you obey or when you don’t listen? Tell us on Facebook at: Attitude Reconstruction

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