New Member to the Hood

We’ve got a new resident. It sure looked like a Hooded Oriole – resplendent in that intense yellow and black. But I noticed this one was just a little bit different than the rest. He had a red head, powerfully contrasting against pure his strong yellow body.

And so, along with the chirping finches and the dominating acorn woodpeckers, I officially welcome the Western Tanager to the hood.

According to David Sibleys Guide to Birds (a bird identification masterpiece), tanagers are kin to cardinals and much to my surprise, the Black-headed Grosbeaks. Those grosbeaks compete for best-dressed any day of the week, with striking copper chests, yielding to a hint of bright yellow below. Together with black and white – a smashing combination.

I think the tanager / oriole / grosbeak are the kind of birds I’d choose to be! (I never knew how to answer this question back in the day.) These three birds just seem to be living life, looking shockingly eye-catching– yet unassuming– as they command the room (or rather, backyard).

How about you? Hummingbirds? Hawks? Sparrows? Eagles? What bird do you identify with and why? Please tell us at: Facebook

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