Easter Egg Hunt

Bright yellow dresses, family and friends around overflowing tables of food, chocolate bunnies with floppy ears … there are many images that pop into mind when thinking about Easter.

For some, this weekend is a time for reverence and remembrance. For others, it’s full on  celebration with jam packed Easter baskets and sugar hangovers!

A favorite tradition many kids cherish is hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard. Those brilliant pink and blue and orange plastic eggs, whether hidden in tall grass, behind a tree, under a bucket or tucked inside a secret spot, always hold a surprise inside. Each experience is like discovering treasure.

Attitude Reconstruction is kind of like that, too.

Let’s say you’ve committed to communicating in I’s and specifics with your partner. You’ve been diligent and patient and have been looking for progress. Then one day, like finding the prized egg, you marvel at the surprise: your efforts have really paid off! You didn’t get into that weekly argument. You really understand where they’re coming from. You are actually feeling closer than ever.

So what does your search for Easter eggs and Attitude Reconstruction share in common? Tenacity, adventure, and the belief that miracles lie waiting for you around every corner.


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