How to Have a Great Team

This simple formula came to me.

I’m forever grateful to Mel Sellick for the fabulous collaborative edit of Attitude Reconstruction we did in the fall of 2011. The book is finally what I always envisioned. It’s winning awards right and left!

Not only is she an editing maestro, but also a superb and patient media coach, and an equally talented guide to drive Attitude Reconstruction to visibility – something I’ve been seeking for a long time.

Truly I am forever grateful. (first half of the equation)

Mel is honored to work with me on this huge undertaking. “I am honored” are the words every author yearns to hear from someone who is working on his or her cherished project.

Truly Mel is honored. (second half of the equation)


A great team can accomplish any goal and have fun doing it. It’s what I believe we all desire. “God” is indeed generous!


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