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Everywhere you look in the media, you’ll find coverage and outrage about physical assault, analysis about why partners stay in abusive relationships and why people feel justified to strike out. What you don’t see, however, are viable solutions to this widespread problem.

The news repeats images that make us cringe: Ray Rice clobbering his wife in the elevator; a man in Canada beating his dog to death and depositing it in a dumpster; a Connecticut CEO kicking and beating a dog in an elevator; Chris Brown hitting Rhianna. It’s no wonder expressing anger gets a bad rap. It can be aggressive and often abusive.


Attitude Reconstruction began as a Blueprint; a complete guide to our six emotions and the predictable things we think, feel, say and do as a result. I divided all behaviors associated with each emotion into four core attitudes along with their opposites. It wasn’t until years later, however, one over-arching concept emerged: three destructive Ultimate Attitudes associated with sadness, anger, and fear, and conversely, three constructive Ultimate Attitudes, associated with joy, love, and peace.

Five blue circles depicting mental attitude tools for a better life.


It always feels good to have a personal cheerleader so I suggest you find one! It may not always happen naturally. There are all different types of friendships, and not all will be the right ones for the emotional support you seek.

There is a way to be proactive, and create a positive situation where you and someone else share a needed role for each other. Seeking support from another person might take a little courage. Maybe you’ll feel vulnerable, embarrassed, or concerned about imposing. Do it anyway.

Black solid outline of a traditional telephone handset.


What if… One system explained, integrated, correlated all human behavior and identified the guiding force behind our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions?

The new beginning of a day with the sun rising over the mountain horizon.


In my book we explore how to successfully conquer fear. It is a great opportunity to learn how to stop your days from being compromised by these feelings. I strongly recommend everyone who experiences fearfulness to read the successful solutions in detail.

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My high school reunion is coming up this fall and for the occasion, a tireless classmate is putting together a “memory book.” Instead of just providing the usual details about each person, college, jobs, mate, number of children, grandchildren, etc., I suggested people write a few sentences about their greatest accomplishment — what they took from their high school years or growing up in our then little town, or a message they would like to share with their classmates. A drawing of a pretty woman with brown hair in a purple dress hugging herself.


It’s so easy to blame the outside world for what is happening to us rather than taking personal responsibility for our part in what’s unfolding / or what is. We break our leg and it’s the rough terrain’s fault. We lose our keys and someone moved them from where we left them. We’re late for a meeting and the cat threw up just as we were getting ready to leave the house. When confronted do we defend ourselves and our actions or look for our part?

White dog standing on hind legs taking personal responsibility by sweeping up his own poop.


Do you get in a mood and have a hard time getting out? Does your moodiness seem to descend on you for no particular reason? Do your family, moodycoworkers or friends consider you unpredictable? Do you find yourself often brooding for extended periods of time?

Moods can obscure our experience for hours, days, weeks, or even longer. Left unattended, they shape our personalities and determine the quality of our lives. We think that we have no control over our mood swings but the truth is quite the contrary. We create them with our thoughts and so we can create a different mood or dissolve the one we are in if we but chose to do so. 



I wish everyone a most uplifting and fulfilling coming year. For me and Attitude Reconstruction there are some shifts in the air. For one, I have decided to stop blogging twice a week at this point. (I’ll disclose others shifts as the year goes on as I think of them.) I will continue to share on a semi regular basis interesting things as the spirit moves me. Here are three articles I found quite relevant recently.



Nancy came into her session on overload. She was really freaked out. Outwardly she was performing her job and going through the motions in her personal life, but inwardly she was close to the edge. Those darn things shouldn’t be happening; she shouldn’t feel so many emotions, the pain, the loss of control. They were so strong, so intense that she had started to eat like crazy, something she hadn’t done in months and months. The pile of pizza boxes was an indisputable sign that things had started getting out of control and Nancy was wise enough to send me a SOS.


Jude Bijou, Author
Jude Bijou is a licensed marriage and family therapist, educator, author, and speaker.  Meet Jude

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2012 ForeWord Reviews
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