A Broader View of Attitude Reconstruction – and its Life Changing Application      

What if… One system explained, integrated, correlated all human behavior and identified the guiding force behind our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions?

The new beginning of a day with the sun rising over the mountain horizon.

What if… Joy, love, and peace are not just for holidays but can be everyday experiences.

What if… All behavior was based on our emotions which exist in opposing pairs – sadness and joy, anger and love, and fear and peace?

Here’s what…

  1. We’d be empowered to choose consciously and well at each moment, being guided by what brings joy, love, and peace.
  2. We’d all have a simple guide to know what will decrease sadness, anger and fear, and what will increase joy, love, and peace.
  3. We’d take the mystery out of why people communicate the way they do, and make it clear how to talk and listen to promote understanding.
  4. We’d know how to use our thoughts to support ourselves and our joy, love, and peace.
  5. We’d be healthier and have less illness and disease. As well, there would be less addictions, with their destructive short and long term side-effects on our health and personal relationships.
  6. Health care workers could provide more meaningful and effective help to those suffering.
  7. Schools across the land could provide children tools and practical information to make better choices so they will live a better life starting at a young age.
  8. Employers, governments, and the universe could move in a more constructive and enlightened direction, thereby reducing violence, fear, and helplessness.


Jude Bijou, daughter of pioneer behavioral psychologist, Sidney W. Bijou, outlines our six emotions, each with its own distinct physical expression.

Presenting an intuitively satisfying approach, she describes how to move the emotional energy, that is sadness, anger, and fear, out of the body so we experience more joy, love and peace.

She identifies 3 pairs of Ultimate Attitudes, born of our emotions, that are found in virtually every religion and philosophy, and define how we think, feel, communicate, and act.

The 3 Constructive Ultimate Attitudes

  • Love yourself
  • Accept other people and things
  • Stay present and specific


The 3 Destructive Ultimate Attitudes

  • Don’t love yourself
  • Don’t accept other people and things
  • Focus in past or future and overgeneralize


Based on the 3 Ultimate Attitudes associated with the emotions of joy, love, and peace, Jude has demystified how to express our emotions naturally and physically; think in ways that support us; contact and use our intuition; communicate simply, loving, and effectively; and take action to change unwanted attitudes and addictions as well as resolve thorny situations situation.

To learn how to make commonsense changes for the better, purchase Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life or visit her website to read more and sign up for her monthly newsletter: www.AttitudeReconstruction.com.

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