High School Reunion Memory Book – Judge Yourself Well

My high school reunion is coming up this fall and for the occasion, a tireless classmate is putting together a “memory book.” Instead of just providing the usual details about each person, college, jobs, mate, number of children, grandchildren, etc., I suggested people write a few sentences about their greatest accomplishment — what they took from their high school years or growing up in our then little town, or a message they would like to share with their classmates. A drawing of a pretty woman with brown hair in a purple dress hugging herself.

When I ran this idea through a couple of my chums, one said that the idea sounded interesting but she wasn’t sure what she would say because anything that came to mind sounded so mundane. She continued by saying “PEOPLE in my life are the most important thing. . .  I learned so much from my dad and life itself.” She added that “classmates have also played a huge and constant part.” I loved that.

How Do You View Your Accomplishments?

When I asked another friend, she thought her biggest accomplishment was being content. That’s short, sweet, and cool. A third person said her children were the most important thing. Pretty neat and surely very proud.

With all this simply profundity around me, I’ll need to figure out my answer pretty darn soon. The deadline is lurking.

Regardless of what I come up with it’s so clear that everyone has something unique to say about his or her life. We are all the same and all so different! There’s definitely no right or wrong. I’m so looking forward to reading what my classmates have to say.

What is your answer? I would love to hear it – and so would those who follow my blog! I encourage you to interact with us and leave your comments below!

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