Successfully Dealing with Fear

In my book we explore how to successfully conquer fear. It is a great opportunity to learn how to stop your days from being compromised by these feelings. I strongly recommend everyone who experiences fearfulness to read the successful solutions in detail.

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Here is the short version of what to do when you feel fear in your body and you know it is stopping you from being your best—from being present, calm, relaxed, and focused. When you feel fear, anxiety, and sensations in your body of agitation:

1. Deal with the fear energy physically and constructively — shiver out the fear. Double effective accompanied by eek and brrr…

2. Then restore the perspective. Continually repeat, “Everything is all right.” “Everything will be okay.” “One thing at a time.” You will now feel more calm and relaxed. If you don’t, repeat step 1 and 2.

Also repeatedly give yourself positive self-talk  “I can do it.” “Good for me.”

3. Now look within to determine what action is called for. You do know — don’t listen to outside forces but what you know in your heart.

4. Make a list of what needs attention. This will provide grounding and help you prioritize your time and energy.

5. Stay specific. Address one specific topic at a time, staying with specific requests, boundaries, solutions, and next steps.

6. Shiver and say and do what needs to be done, aligned with your heart.

7. Keep offering yourself praise for each little step along the way.

Feel the feeling of victory! Of courage!!! You have just won a battle with fear and reclaimed peace.

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Better yet, buy the book and you’ll have a practical guide to fix whatever is not working.

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