Six Simple Steps to Cure Confusion

Uncertainty And Confusion

Life is a series of endless decisions. What to wear, how to earn money, who to love. And sometimes, the options aren’t so black and white. Not only does that make life a little messy, confusion can also bring angst, paralysis, and indecision and turn your world upside down.

There is NO reason to Continue Being Confused

Fortunately, confusion is a temporary state of being. According to Attitude Reconstruction you can usher yourself through the decision-making process a little easier by following a few simple rules. Instead of getting lost in the darkness of the “what if’s,” maybe’s, or could be’s – start shining the light to illuminate a different direction. You can stop being a confused person and confidently move forward with these six steps that will help you get the answers you need.

1. Remind yourself that the answer is within you. Consult your intuition. Ask yourself “What would I decide if I wasn’t afraid?” or “What do I know in my heart of hearts about this topic?” These answers must be free of “shoulds” and musings about what others might think or how they might react.

2. If an answer doesn’t seem evident, just pause. Find a quiet place. Do an activity to calm yourself, whether it’s meditation, focusing on your breath or listening to soft music. Then ask yourself “What is true for me about this specific topic?” If you hear an answer, then go with that. If all you hear is static and chatter, try the next point.

3. Handle any sadness, anger, or fear you’re feeling related to the decision, physically and constructively. Find a safe place and cry, stomp, or shake like a leaf on a tree. Expressing the emotional energy naturally will dispel the fog and reveal the clarity.

4. If no clear answer surfaces, gather information from outside sources.

5. Pause and calm yourself again, then ask yourself the same question. If you still don’t have a firm answer, try expressing some more sadness, anger, or fear.

6. When you find an answer that resonates within, not in your head, but that feels right when you say it out loud, hold onto what you know. If confusion creeps back in, remember what you knew when you were clear. Doubts indicate you’ve got more unexpressed fear to shiver out, and then just do it.

Move Forward With a Clear Mind Once Again

Continually remind yourself of what is true, then gulp and leap. This is the most important second element. Obey your inner knowing and speak up and take the action you know is correct. Just do it— emoting, remembering, and praising yourself as you go!

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