Emotional Crying Really Is Nectar and So Is Shivering and Pounding!

Eye W-TearIt’s so nice to read that science is validating what I see in my private practice most everyday. Dr. William Frey of the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis found that tears produced by onions were 98% water, were different in chemistry than tears produced by an emotional reaction. Why does that matter? Those tears contain not only water, but measurable toxins as well. The body is actually shedding the stress hormones and toxins that we’ve accumulated when we didn’t allow ourselves to cry. Dr. Frey also found that emotional crying increases the production of endorphins – that feel-good hormone we experience through exercise and states of excitement. So crying is a double win!

When people allow themselves to cry, they wash themselves clear. But there’s an important caveat here. According to Attitude Reconstruction, while crying you must keep your mind from dwelling on negative thoughts about how pathetic, passive, terrible and worthless you are. If you cry while thinking “I’m such a loser. If you don’t tell me how wonderful I am, there must be something wrong with me,” the sadness will never go away.

Trash-talking silently or aloud while crying will never move the sadness out of your body. It only keeps you feeling bad and sad. While crying, you must either name what is true, what you are feeling in your body, such as – “I feel sad. I need to cry. It’s okay. I feel hurt.” Or you can focus on the reality you know about yourself when you are clear, something along the lines of “I am whole and complete.” “My viewpoints and needs are as important as yours.” Or “My job is to take care of myself.”

Don’t be surprised if thinking constructive thoughts about yourself evokes even more tears. By focusing on what you know when you’re feeling joy (the opposing emotion to sadness) you’ll be contradicting and neutralizing all those ancient destructive messages you took on, usually at a very young age.

I’m sure in the not-too-distant future, research will find the same results about the emotions of anger and fear: toxins and stress hormones decrease when people express them constructively and physically. If you feel anger, pound, push, and stomp. If you feel fear, allow your body to shiver and quiver, instead of distracting yourself or reverting to some destructive behavior. If you emote while  not indulging in destructive mental chatter, you’ll feel better, lighter, happier, and experience more of the emotions of love (the opposite of anger), and peace (the opposite of fear).

Emotions are just pure sensations in the body. Express that energy out of your body in a constructive and physical way, and you’ll experience an amazing shift. Your body, mind, and heart will thank you for doing what’s natural.

What experiences have you had of the healing benefits of emoting? Let me know.


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