Life’s Unexpected Twists and Turns

One of the topics that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is trauma.

Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes: War, Accidents, Natural Disasters, Threats, Scary Situations, and Even Scary Movies. Our culture puts an emphasis on recovery and helping people get back to “normal” but usually neglects addressing the root of the issue.

I’ve been scheduled to appear as a guest on YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA with Michele Rosenthal. This weekly radio program is designed to bring support and information to trauma survivors, plus their caregivers and professionals.

You know that my emphasis (and that of Attitude Reconstruction) is on expressing the inevitable fear, anger, and sadness physically and constructively that are a given in virtually all trauma situations. Without dealing with the emotional component, the trauma never gets fully processed and the survivor is never quite the same.

I so clearly remember being at a workshop a couple of months after the devastating Northridge earthquake and witnessing the two presenters bolt out the door when a tiny rattle occurred in the classroom. I can’t help but think of the thousands upon thousands of folks in Los Angeles who never dealt with the inevitable fear and are, even today, walking around still under its influence.

Or here in Santa Barbara, three years ago in November we had three major fires with hundreds of homes destroyed. Today, when the weather gets hot, rain gets scarce, and the winds pick up, a huge majority of the residents become “deer in the headlights” paralyzed with fear.

And it is equally important for caretakers and professionals who work with trauma survivors to deal with their own emotions so they can offer genuine support and care.

Hosted by Michele (a trauma survivor herself), Your Life After Trauma provides resources, inspiration, hope and specific actions to help anyone learn to formulate a recovery plan, access healing potential and applying personal strengths to post-trauma recovery.

I’ll be on the show next Wednesday, Sept. 19th, 11am on the West Coast, 2pm EST, to talk about how you can move from sadness, anger and fear to joy, love and peace. You can listen in via your computer or phone.

You can also call in with your comments and questions: 877-230-3062 

If you miss the show, check out the free downloadable archive.

I hope you can join us! Do let me know what you think at Facebook.

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