Emails and Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

Who knew that tapping toes in Turkey or shaking your booty in Africa could bring so much laughter and unexpected smiles?

This video recently arrived in my inbox and offered a rare glimpse of cyberspace at its best— a regular dude dancing across the planet and warming hearts in the process.

I probably appreciated Matt Harding’s moves even more these days, because I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with my email. You’d think the digital age would be attractive, but it’s just been draining my energy and leaving me feeling overloaded.

So I’ve been on a campaign to reduce the number of emails that come in every day by hitting that unsubscribe button at the bottom of newsletters. It’s been surprisingly easy, and I certainly don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing. The primary result? I no longer feel trepidation to check email after an absence.

Boy is it easy to get tied into this electronic/media age. Just this morning, I read an article in the L.A. Times by Deborah Netburn titled “How to manage a bulging email inbox.” She said that according to recent studies, the average employee spends 1/3 of his or her day dealing with emails. And the average person receives 110 emails a day and over 200 in the office!

We all have emails we have to plow through, which makes getting videos like Harding’s an extra treasure. So join thousands of others in increasing the planet’s happiness quotient! Take five minutes to watch some of this groovy global dancing, and don’t be surprised if you experience bursts of joy, love, and possibly even a little peace.

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