Mostly everyone has a favorite song or poem that so accurately expresses a sentiment we hold.

The color blue has always been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. I don’t associate it with the “blue” of depression. On the contrary, most blues bring me a feeling of expansiveness and comfort. Blue just hits the spot for me, just like chocolate or a red rose does for others.

Night and day skies. Ocean. Water. These blues put on a great show with the changing time of day and night. Regardless of what’s being offered at any moment, the sky and water are always beautiful in my eyes.

I thought I’d share lines of a poem I love. Among other things, it connects me with my affinity for blue and elevates the comfort that color brings me from a quirky trademark to a fine appreciation that I share with some pretty admirable seekers. Their understanding of blue gives this color its due.

I can’t tell you the exact source but it’s from a poem of the saints of India, written way back when.

Blue space with blue love
Equality fashioned of blue
Absolute the color blue
Action blue to do
Blue is Guru’s abode
Eating blue doing blue seeing blue being blue
Jnanadev goes to the school of blue
Stuck on the color Blue.

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