Post BEA Reflections

As many of you know, I was just in New York City picking up the Benjamin Franklin Book Award in Self-Help. But I was also there for BEA (Book Expo America) so I’ll use this blog as an opportunity to reflect on the takeaways and highlights in terms of me, Attitude Reconstruction, and the book. Here’s my best shot:

1. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with lovely people from my past: My cousin Jim Tobias, Abbe Kirsch, Dr. William (Bill) Redd, and Judy (Judith) Shapiro and her dear husband Raymond.

2. Award Ceremony at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square: A ritzy place with great food and large room full of friendly, kindred spirits author-finalists attending the award festivities. It was an honor to win in the 2012 Self-Help award and of course, the trophy (my first) is blue.

3. I never felt rushed or freaked out. I felt balanced and enjoyed good timing, like being the last person to be interviewed by Kristen White, an interviewer/journalist trying to help the world by helping people learn to use video to their advantage. www.CelebrityAcademy.

4. Being interviewed by Kirsten was a good test of my excruciating hard work with Mel, my media coach. It is one of my least favorite things to do and something I put off at all cost — practicing answering questions and taping videos for my website and promotional stuff.

I was pleased to hear how my strong, dynamic (if I do say so myself) book pitch could easily tumble out of my mouth. I could answer interview questions with confidence. I received the ultimate compliment when after our interview, Kristen said she’d like to have me as a guest on her soon-to-be radio show!

5. Meeting a new “sister,” Judith Anne Desjardins at the IBPA book booth. A LCSW, in Santa Monica CA, (almost a neighbor – 100 miles away). She has written an award winning book called, Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage: A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit which took her 15 years to write. She’s received over a dozen awards for it already but still isn’t getting the attention she’s looking for in terms of making her excellent tools available to the world. In our conversation, she put a new thought in my head – maybe I need a traditional publisher if I want to reach my goal of having Attitude Reconstruction in every hotel room next to the Gideon’s Bible.

6. So I see BEA as pointing out a fork in the road. I’m waiting for clarity on this. Maybe after the ALA annual conference this coming weekend. (ALA is the American Library Association. It is in Anaheim this year, and I’ll be attending the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award ceremony and doing a book signing.)

Pursuing a traditional publishing house is such a deviation from my desire to keep control of Attitude Reconstruction… Or maybe I’m best to ramp up my own PR efforts with my wonderful team. Or maybe hire a publicist. (I must say, having my snazzy book with such a great cover and blue tabs down the side in my hands as well as receiving so many awards helps people notice what I’m offering.)

7. I remember reading a quote from a man in the traditional publishing establishment (ie – with a big publishing house). He said people like him are still looking to find the next big thing. That’s my fantasy, of course, like winning America’s got Talent or American Idol.

8. Enough all ready. I was gone less than a week!


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