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jude's blog Big Day at ALA

Big Day at ALA

Every now and then, we move just a step closer to our dreams. I would love to see Attitude Reconstruction in every library in the United States of America. And what better place to go, than the annual conference of the American Library Association (ALA).

But that wasn’t the only attraction. I was named a finalist in the ForeWord Review Book of the Year Awards in both psychology AND self-help, I was asked to attend an award ceremony held in the exhibit hall.

As I sat down, the gal in front of me struck up a conversation. I changed seats so we chat some more, and I was fascinated to hear why she was here. She was a book reviewer and said she’d be spending most of the day at these kinds of events. And I thought, boy! What a dedicated group of die-hard, avid readers here at the convention center. So many people genuinely love reading and books of all kinds.

Anyway, Victoria Sutherland of ForeWord Reviews emceed the event, and started reading off the winners in each category – 60 in total – as a power point presentation displayed each book cover and name on cue. Honorable mentions, bronze, silver, and gold.

Winners were culled from 1200 entries all together, from 700 publishers! Can you imagine? As ForeWord Reviews states in their press release: “These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest.“

When the self-help category was announced, I smiled to myself as I saw a familiar, bright blue book cover proudly displayed on the screen. Attitude Reconstruction took the GOLD!

Hooray. Clap. Clap!

A few more categories were announced, then psychology took center stage. And once again, that beautiful cover: the Wad. That was a thrill. It’s so wonderful being recognized as the psychology book of the year because indeed this practical, self-help book is also a unified theory of psychology based on emotions.

So that’s the news! Together with great Vietnamese food in Little Saigon, meeting fine folks, fireworks from Disneyland out my hotel window, and Attitude Reconstruction being awarded TWO GOLD IN ONE DAY, it was a trip to be remembered!

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