Pre BEA Thoughts

I like to travel but I really like to be home.

My trip to New York is fast approaching, and with that brings all sorts of organizing, including the dreaded question: what am I going to wear? It’s the hardest part of any trip for me. I know many women agree with me.

Fortunately, I’m over half way packed under the calm guidance of one of my “staff” –Christy who sorted through my closet of blue apparel. (Did I mention most of my wardrobe is blue? Guess that’s a blog for another day.)

I no longer feel overwhelmed thanks to pulling together most of my “outfits.” This task is doable. It’s no longer looming.

I’m so glad I’ve been to BEA before. Two years ago, to be exact. I seem to remember saying to myself “I’m never going to do this again…” and yet here I am….

As you might know, I’m one of three finalists in the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Books Awards: Self-Help and they’ll announce the winners at a ceremony that is concurrent with BEA – Book Expo America.

Since Attitude Reconstruction is winning so many book awards, it seems like now is the time to beat the drums and let the world know! So here I am.

BEA, a yearly event in NYC, makes me visualize a sea of “me”s, each with their agenda for being there: thousands of people believing their book, or ebook deserves to be discovered. Thousands of people in all facets of the publishing industry, actually. Digital meets major publishing houses meets independently published. Meetings to go to. People to see. Everyone dressed to impress.

It’s nice not to have so much unknown this second time around. I have my own goals and plans, (while of course, being open to what the gods / cosmic tricksters have in store.)

I feel at ease. I have my objectives. Most of my post-it notes are in the waste paper basket. I’ve printed the brochures and shipped some books (Almost. I’m actually waiting for Mr. or Ms. fed-ex this afternoon.) I know how to walk to Times Square. So while the first time, it felt like little girl in the big city, today i believe I’ll enjoy being there just a little more.

How does this apply to you? Well, It’s just like if you’re afraid to speak up to a friend and you do it, it feels scary. The first time feels awful. “What the heck’s going to happen?” But then you do it, and the next time is just a little easier and less scary because you’ve done it before.

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