I Have a Dream

Are you living your life actualizng your dream? Does that sound like new age gibberish? Is there something you spend hours thinking about and look forward to the day when you actually achieve it?

According to the Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary a dream is: A strongly desired goal or purpose. I think that’s just scratching the surface. To me, a dream is our vision about the best-case scenario for our life. It’s something that isn’t just a platitude. It’s what we know in every cell of our being that more than anything else, we want to attain in this lifetime.

Some people dream for “world peace.” Some want to lose 50 pounds and feel healthy enough to run a 5k. Still others want to find a spiritual teacher, a life partner, raise good children, play beautiful music, make a lot of money, or find that elusive happiness.

Many people simply don’t have a dream. They live day to day, going through the motions (and emotions), without a compass to take them to a desired destination.

I feel fortunate. I have a dream. For the last 25 years, I’ve had the dream to make Attitude Reconstruction available to the world and see the book in every hotel room next to the Gideon’s Bible. So rather than waiting for retirement or cruising the countryside in a decked out RV, I’m motivated to continually step out of my comfort range. It’s been a long, dusty road, but I’m grateful I’ve committed to the journey, and that I continue to do all I can to actualize my noble goal.

For now, I continue to chop wood and carry water, keeping aligned with what I know in every fiber of my being.

If you don’t have a dream, why not take a few minutes and contemplate what it might look like. Ask yourself every day, and some version of your dream will appear in its time. If you already have one, we would love to hear it! Please share at:  Facebook

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