If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

It’s become so common, especially in western cultures, for people to over-extend themselves, their energy and their time at the price of exhaustion and overload.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And I’m not just talking about cooking.

Whether it’s just too much pressure or your heart’s just not into it, sometimes you need to check within and see if it’s time to bail from whatever endeavor you’ve committed to.

Sometimes ego and pride or conversely, the need for approval keeps us from obeying what we know is best. It’s hard to back out of an agreement. But if it’s taking a toll on your peace of mind and health or throwing you out of balance, remember: “In the unlikely event of a change in cabin pressure, affix your own mask before helping others.”

I know that’s easier said than done. So when you find yourself in over your head, it may mean that you need to persist and breakthrough, or it could indicate it’s time to honor yourself and gracefully change directions.

Only you know. Get still and check in with your heart or intuition to determine if your efforts are not serving you, the undertaking, or the people involved. Even if it’s inconvenient for others, align with what’s true for you.

Someone else will carry the torch — or not. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or a bad person. It just means you’re boldly proclaiming “I can’t stand the heat right now, and I’m fine no matter what!”


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