Phonebook and Hose to the Rescue

There’s no denying big changes are in the air; in the economy, in our jobs and even inside of many of us, major upheavals are afoot. These changes affect all aspects of our lives, from how we feel about ourselves to how we treat our families. If you’re experiencing a bit of chaos in your own household, read about the couple that came into my office last week and see if anything resonates:

She was angry: currently sole financial supporter of the family. Her husband had been out of work 2 years.


He was angry: frustrated. He was trying as hard as he could to get another job, and he was really stepping up with the kids.


Before talking out their sticking points, I pulled the tattered phone books out of the chest and offered them each a 20 inch piece of hose and their very own stack of the Yellow Pages’ finest.


Without hesitation, those hoses were smacking and slapping the books loudly and chunks of pages were flying through the air. The couple pounded the heck out of those books, until sinking into exhaustion. As the Attitude Reconstruction motto goes: Hard, fast, and with abandon.


And then they did it again.


Not much was left in the tank after ten minutes. He sat back on couch. She snuggled her head on his lap.


After a couple of moments of delicious shared silence, we were all ready to sort their situation out.


Feeling like external pressures are impacting the harmony of your  relationship as well? You’ve been saving those phone books for a reason. Give them a go, and tell us about your experience on Facebook


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