News Flash! Communication Workshop, Jan 28th

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well and all is good. This Saturday, the 28th in beautiful Santa Barbara, I will be teaching a class on “How to Communicate Simply, Lovingly, and Effectively” through SB Community College Adult Education.

Throughout life, we learn how to find the area of a square, or how to write a proper essay, but did we ever learn how to effectively communicate with others? Sometimes communicating with others can feel stressful and tense, but with the Attitude Reconstruction approach, you will experience an “ah-hah” moment! You will realize that these tips are easy, make sense, and truly works in all situations! Do you ever have those moments when you’re so filled with emotion that your communication skills get kicked to the curb? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

The class is a lot of fun; it’s very relaxed and there is always a great variety of people. In the class I go over a general overview of Attitude Reconstruction. I also go over the 4 basic, but not easy, rules of communication for every situation! Eventually we get into groups and actually practice using these rules, because from what I’ve learned, just hearing facts and information is not as effective as “doing!!”

Anyways, I hope that everyone gets a chance to attend! If not, continue to refer to your copy of Attitude Reconstruction. Also, feel free to reach out and ask me questions!

Have a great day!

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